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A Family-Owned Boutique Winery Producing World-Class Estate-Grown Wines.

Since inception in 2008, armed with vision, pride, and an uncompromising commitment to quality, the founders of M Cellars began skillfully striking a balance between new world winemaking and established old-world methods, to handcraft world-class wines to showcase the Grand River Valleys distinctive terroir and - as a result - are driving the region to new heights, bringing attention to the wines of Ohio. We’re everyday people handcrafting wines with a great sense of place. This is our LEGACY.

We welcome you to join us. We celebrate each bottle as an element that brings people together to share in life’s special moments. We hope your M Cellars experience, whether it’s a visit to the vineyard or a sip of our wine from the comfort of your home, inspires wonderful memories with your family and friends.

(440) 361-4104

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