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Eight Room Bed & Breakfast,, Four Cottages, Winery/Wine Bar, Farm-to-Table Restaurant.

Situated on the Southern Shore of Lake Erie, The Lakehouse Inn Resort boasts a boutique winery which produces hand crafted, small batch wines from Ohio’s Grand River Valley grapes, local apples and honey. These wines may be enjoyed any time of the year across the resort property, while absorbing the fabulous views of Lake Erie and Mother Nature’s breathtaking sunsets along with the ever-changing lake-scape.

We know our wine at the Lakehouse Inn and take pride in making every bottle. Our small-batch produced wines are locally sourced from Ohio’s Grand River Valley. Bring a glass to our sprawling porch and enjoy sunsets on the lake with friends, family, or someone special. You will surely find your new favorite red, white, or rose. No matter the occasion, a glass of Ohio wine is waiting for you!


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