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Stop in and Experience One of the Most Unique Wineries in the Area.

Benny Bucci opened Benny Vino Urban Winery in July 2010 with a vision of creating an urban style winery in the heart of Perry Village. Trained at Missouri State University, Benny received his Enology certification in December 2011. Benny crafts his wines from fruit that is sourced in from Chile, California, Washington State and also local and regional grapes to create award winning wine. Benny started making wine as a hobby as a young boy with his father and uncles and then the passion was born. After visiting Napa Valley for several years and being able to visit the wineries in Tuscany, Italy he knew that he needed to be involved in his life calling, the wine business. The first year he opened, Benny Vino Winery was awarded the Best Urban Winery in Cleveland by Cleveland Magazine. In January 2016, Benny moved out of his Urban Setting to the heart of Wine Country in the Grand River Valley. Currently located on a 7.5 acres that sits directly on the Grand River. Patrons agree, Benny Vino Urban Winery is a find for all that come by.

(440) 361-3049

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